Jenna-May Kaschula

Registered Counsellor & Holistic Health Coach

HPCSA Number: PRC 0037583

Practice Number: 0932418

I am a Registered Counsellor and Qualified Health Coach, and I am passionate about working holistically. My focus is, therefore, on the integration of body, mind and soul and how these influence the process of transformation.

Although my training and expertise is in the counselling process, you are the expert of your own life. It is in the light of this that I prefer collaborative ways of working which engage the client as the expert in their own lives.

A collaborative, solution-focused approach, enables me to work with my clients in ways that allow for optimum personal growth, both emotionally and physically. As the counsellor, I rely on appropriate questions and coaching skills to facilitate change in the lives of my clients.

My health coaching services often incorporate many aspects from my counselling, however with the main focus being lifestyle change around overall wellness. As a Health Coach, I would be your supportive mentor who will help you feel your best through positive food and lifestyle changes. This process involves a personalised, one-on-one process of encouragement, support and guidance primarily focused on nutrition, movement, daily routines, spiritual practice, and mindfulness.

As a Holistic Health practitioner, I believe that optimal health is achievable when we view and support our bodies as the incredible systems that they are. This means that we cannot heal fully without considering the health of our body, mind and soul. It has been through my own life’s journey that I have come to the profound realisation that my physical, mental and emotional  health are intimately interconnected. For this I am very grateful.

My services include:

  • In person counselling & counselling via Zoom
  • Health Coaching (individuals and groups)

Contact: 082 583 9187