Kirsty Weaver

Educational Psychologist

Practice Number: 0930687

HPCSA Number: PS0147958

I completed my masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Witwatersrand. As part of my training, I had the privilege of doing an internship at Cedarwood School- a prominent remedial school situated in Johannesburg. It was from working in this environment that my passion for holistically supporting children emerged. As such, I value working closely with children, parents, teachers and other professionals in ensuring that children’s development is optimised. Providing a child with holistic, sustainable support, I believe, is the key to ensuring the optimal functioning of the child and the family unit. Through my masters training, as well as my experiences as a Life Orientation and Drama teacher, I have gained valuable insight into working with children and teenagers ranging between the ages of 7 and 18 years. This experience has been in various educational settings which have included highly resourced and under-resourced schools and children from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. I feel passionate about empowering children to be able to reflect on their decisions, think critically and engage meaningfully in society. Unlocking individual potential in every child so that they might achieve their goals and dreams is my personal educational philosophy.

The manner in which I approach the therapeutic relationship is founded on the principles of compassion and respect. Through valuing each child, I aim to allow children the opportunity and space to develop their own ‘voice’ and thus develop their talents and unlock their individual potential. I aim to not assume that the ‘western’ way of practising psychology is the only way and the correct way. Rather, I hope to allow for a variety of different narratives to exist within the therapeutic relationship. To achieve this, I strive to utilize my inherent empathy and curiosity about the world and people.

My Psychology Services

  • Psycho-Educational Assessments, including accommodation assessments which can be conducted on the school premises for your convenience.
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy
  • Play Therapy for children
  • Psycho-educational workshops and training (Eg: staff development, bullying, cyber safety)

Contact details:


Number: 0665154305